POLYPROPYLENE (Noisy and no noise version)

Polypropylen self-adhesive tape no toxic. Thanks to the waterbased acrylic glue, free of solvent and other chemical additives, it's considered the most ecological tape among the traditional ones. Both, film and glue are resistent to UV-rays as well as to high and low temperatures. Usable for indoor and outdoor and recomended for pharmaceutical and food industry.

Polypropylen can be C/R (noisy version) or R/S (no noise version). Silent unwinding self-adhesive tapes share the same properties as the standard quality, but with the capacity of being silent. This characteristic is achieved by the use of high quality raw materials and an exclusive production technique for this product, in order to avoid later chemical treatments like in traditional tapes. Those two factors give to this product an exceptional resistence to the ageing and a qualitative inalterability of its adhesive power and propertie of being silent.

Our self-adhesive tape with 32 my thickness is very similar to the traditional PVC, but with the polypropylen advantages.

Width (mm)* 48 / 50 75
Length (m)* 66 132 660 990 66 132 660 990
Rolls x carton 36 36 6 6 24 24 4 4
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